Welcome To Centre For Diploma And Foundation

Centre For Diploma and Foundation, University Malaysia Pahang (PDA) was officially established on 1 March 2021. All Diploma programs offered by University Malaysia Pahang have been centralized in PDA. There are eight (8) Diploma programs. Foundation and Science Technology is a special program for excellent students at the SPM level and subsequently, have the opportunity to continue their studies at the Bachelor's level in various fields available at UMP.

Our Mission

Improving students' academic achievement through the Pre-Diploma Program based on UMP ethical and professional values

Plan Overview

PDA Diploma programs open a new opportunity for students to enroll in a variety of Diploma programs. Currently, there are six (6) programmes focusing on engineering technology, engineering technology, and sciences. The programmes are accredited by professional bodies including the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) of MQA.

Our Vision

To make the Pre-Diploma Program a special route for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) graduates who obtain SPM results that do not meet the requirements of UPU regardless of whether they are from the B40 or non-B40 group so that all of them can continue their studies to a higher level and the birth of competitive, global and ethical graduates.

History PDA

1 MARCH 2021


Centre For Diploma and Foundation was established on 1 March 2021

1 MARCH 2021